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Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet our esteemed Overlai Ambassadors: a group of creators and photographers who embody the essence of dedication, craftsmanship, and advocacy. These individuals are more than just experts in their field—they're pioneers who have mastered their craft through countless hours of trial and triumph. As advocates for a creator-forward world, they stand at the forefront of innovation, shaping the digital landscape with their talent and vision. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and their passion for empowering fellow creators, our ambassadors inspire us all to reach new heights of creativity and success.

Our Story

At Overlai, we are more than just a team of co-founders – we are a collective of passionate photographers, filmmakers, and artists driven by a shared mission: to safeguard the integrity of visual content in an age of advancing AI technology.

Our co-founding team consists of Luke Neumann, Alex Dolgov, Chase Teron and Paul Nicklen. With years of experience in the creative arts, we understand the profound value of a photographer's work, style, and brand identity.


It's this understanding that fuels our dedication to protecting digital media assets.

As photographers and creators ourselves, we recognize the importance of choice. Overlai was born out of our desire to empower photographers with the freedom to decide whether their photos, unique style, and brand should be sourced by AI algorithms.


If photographers choose to share their work, they deserve fair compensation for their creative contributions. If they prefer to maintain control and privacy, they should be shielded from AI scraping.

Overlai represents a groundbreaking milestone in the realm of photography asset protection. Our innovative application offers a one-step process to safeguard your photographic masterpieces from AI sourcing.


With Overlai, you can trust that your creative vision remains under your control, ensuring the preservation of your artistic integrity.

Join us on this journey to empower photographers, protect their media assets, and reshape the future of visual content in the digital age. Overlai – your partner in defending the artistry of photography.

Our Team

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