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  • Will I be able to "opt-in" to AI datasets eventually?
    Yes, ultimately we believe it should be a choice given to each artist to decide where/when/how their images are used in AI. We have built our solution on DLT to ensure artists can monetize their work with complete transparency and clarity in the future.
  • How does Overlai protect my images from AI scraping?
    We use a combination of technologies to protect your images from AI scraping. The core of our protection starts with Distributed Ledger Technology, decentralized storage, automated dataset opt-outs and advanced invisible watermarks combined with our patented technology to disrupt AI datasets.
  • Why do you use Distributed Ledger Technology?
    Distributed Ledger Technology provides an immutable origination point for your photos. By combining this with decentralized storage and custom rights managed contracts, Overlai establishes a tamper resistant record of your photo and the rights that are granted (or in our case, not granted) to AI crawlers.
  • Because you use blockchain, do I need a crypto wallet for Overlai?
    No, you don't need a crypto wallet for Overlai. Overlai utilizes blockchain technology primarily for ensuring the authenticity, ownership, and traceability of digital assets like artwork. However, users can interact with Overlai's platform without the need for a crypto wallet. They can upload, manage, and protect their digital creations using Overlai's user-friendly interface, without directly dealing with cryptocurrency or blockchain wallets.
  • What are use cases for Overlai for everyday consumers?
    Protecting Personal Photos and Memories: Everyday consumers, including parents, can use Overlai to protect their personal photos and memories of children, loved ones, and special events. By watermarking their images with Overlai's technology, they can prevent unauthorized usage or replication, ensuring that their cherished memories remain private and secure. Showcasing Artwork and Photography: Artists, photographers, and graphic designers, ranging from hobbyists to professionals, can use Overlai to showcase their creative work online. By embedding invisible watermarks into their images, they can protect their artwork and photography from unauthorized usage or theft, allowing them to share their creations with confidence on social media platforms, portfolio websites, and online galleries. Preventing Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement: Students, educators, and writers can use Overlai to prevent plagiarism and copyright infringement in academic papers, research articles, and written content. By watermarking images used in their documents, they can deter others from unlawfully reproducing or distributing their work without permission, promoting academic integrity and respecting intellectual property rights. Ensuring Data Integrity in Presentations and Reports: Professionals in various industries, such as business, marketing, and consulting, can use Overlai to ensure data integrity in presentations, reports, and client deliverables. By watermarking charts, graphs, and visual assets, they can authenticate the originality of their data and prevent misinterpretation or manipulation, fostering trust and credibility with stakeholders and clients. Protecting Brand Identity and Logos: Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs can use Overlai to protect their brand identity and logos from unauthorized usage or misrepresentation. By watermarking their branding materials, including logos, product images, and marketing collateral, they can safeguard their brand reputation and intellectual property rights, mitigating the risk of counterfeit or imitation products in the marketplace. Securing Digital Assets in Online Marketplaces: Consumers buying and selling products on online marketplaces, such as Etsy, eBay, and Shopify, can use Overlai to secure their digital assets and product images. By watermarking product photos with Overlai's technology, sellers can deter unauthorized copying or redistribution of their images, protecting their product listings and maintaining a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape. Overall, Overlai offers a versatile solution for everyday consumers to protect their personal photos, creative work, and digital assets across various contexts and scenarios. By incorporating Overlai into their digital workflows, consumers can safeguard their privacy, preserve their intellectual property rights, and promote a culture of respect and authenticity in the online environment.
  • Why should photographers use Overlai?
    Overlai is an essential part of any photographer's workflow to protect their assets from unauthorized AI use. Overlai is the first and only software application that creates a digital public record for the ownership of your files and the metadata associated with that file.
  • What kind of enterprise organizations should use Overlai?
    News Media: Leading news organizations that publish online articles, news reports, and multimedia content. Advertising and Marketing: Advertising agencies that create campaigns, branding materials, and promotional graphics. Marketing firms that produce digital advertisements, social media content, and visual campaigns. Film and Television Production: Film production companies that produce movies, documentaries, and television shows. Television networks that broadcast news segments, entertainment programs, and original content. Digital Publishing: Online publishing platforms that host articles, blogs, and digital magazines. E-book publishers that distribute digital books, novels, and educational materials. E-commerce and Retail: E-commerce platforms that sell products online, including clothing, electronics, and home goods. Retail companies that operate online stores and brick-and-mortar locations, selling a variety of merchandise. Art and Design: Art galleries and museums that showcase paintings, sculptures, and other visual artworks. Design studios that create logos, branding materials, and graphic designs for clients. Travel and Tourism: Travel agencies that promote vacation packages, tours, and travel destinations. Tourism boards that market cities, regions, and countries as tourist destinations. Education and Training: Educational institutions that provide online courses, training programs, and educational resources. E-learning platforms that offer digital learning materials, tutorials, and instructional videos. Healthcare and Medicine: Healthcare organizations that create medical illustrations, diagrams, and visual aids for patient education. Pharmaceutical companies that produce marketing materials, drug labels, and medical imagery. Technology and Software: Software companies that develop applications, websites, and digital platforms. Technology firms that produce hardware, gadgets, and electronic devices. Fashion and Apparel: Fashion brands that design clothing lines, accessories, and footwear. Apparel retailers that sell fashion merchandise through online stores and physical locations. Hospitality and Events: Hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants that showcase their facilities and amenities. Event planning companies that organize conferences, conventions, and special events. By incorporating Overlai into their workflows, organizations across these industries can ensure the protection and integrity of their image assets, safeguarding their intellectual property rights and preserving the value of their creative work.
  • How do you use Overlai?
    Download the application Allow Overlai to view your photos Select which images you wish to protect from AI datasets Click protect The newly protected images are saved in a new photo album called "Protected by Overlai' Upload those specific images to social media, your website and anywhere you post online.
  • What is Overlai?
    Overlai is an app (iOS/Android) that protects your images from being scraped and sourced by AI databases. Overlai is to be used on all images that you upload to the internet including your own website and social media. Your images and your editing style will not be added to the AI dataset.
  • Is the application free?
    We have a free plan with an image limit of 3 images per month and it's reset each month. Image credits do not carry over and you can upgrade to more images at anytime.
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