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An Open Letter: Respecting Overlai's Watermarks and Universal Opt-Out Solution

We, the creators and proponents of Overlai, a pioneering platform dedicated to safeguarding digital assets through innovative watermarking and opt-out mechanisms, address Meta with a shared commitment to fostering responsible content sharing practices and upholding the integrity of intellectual property rights on your platforms.


In recent years, the proliferation of generative AI technologies has transformed the digital landscape, promising both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. As advocates for ethical AI practices and creators of Overlai, we recognize the importance of ensuring the protection and ownership of digital content in an era defined by rapid technological advancements.

At Overlai, we want to be clear that we're not anti-AI if the data used to trained the AI models has been ethically sourced, meaning the creators have been paid and attributed or have knowingly and proactively opted in on their own accord. We believe that AI models need to be fairly trained. No individual person, nor tech organization is above the law when it comes to personal or enterprise private data. Copyright law and GDPR regulations are essential to abide by.

Concerns and Recommendations

However, we have observed instances where digital assets protected by Overlai's watermarks and opt-out solutions may be overlooked or circumvented on Meta platforms. This disregard for our technological safeguards undermines the rights and interests of your top content creators and compromises the integrity of intellectual property rights.

We urge Meta to take proactive measures to address these concerns and uphold the following recommendations:

- Acknowledgment of Overlai's Watermarks: Meta should recognize and respect the presence of Overlai watermarks on digital content shared on its platforms. These watermarks serve as essential indicators of ownership and should be preserved to prevent unauthorized use or misrepresentation of content.

Compliance with Opt-Out Requests: Meta should honor opt-out requests submitted through Overlai's mechanisms, ensuring that content creators retain control over the usage and distribution of their digital assets. Opt-out requests represent creators' explicit wishes regarding the handling of their content and should be upheld in accordance with ethical and legal standards.

Engagement and Collaboration: We invite Meta to engage in constructive dialogue with Overlai and the C2PA to explore opportunities for collaboration and mutual support in promoting responsible content sharing practices. By working together, we can enhance the effectiveness of digital asset protection measures and foster a safer and more equitable online environment for creators and users alike.


In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of respecting and upholding the integrity of Overlai's watermarking and opt-out solutions on Meta platforms. By acknowledging the significance of these protections and collaborating with Overlai, Meta can demonstrate its commitment to supporting creators and ensuring the responsible use of AI technologies on its platforms.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We look forward to the opportunity to engage in further discussions and cooperation toward our shared goal of fostering a more ethical and respectful digital ecosystem.

If you see value in Overlai's mission to create a universal opt out and digital media protection to protect your personal or enterprise media visit this link to sign our petition that we will bring forward to the C2PA and directly to each of the big tech parties heavily involved in AI development.


The Overlai Team and Creator Family

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