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How to Actually Opt Out Your Photos and Videos Uploaded Online from AI Model Training

Just because something is uploaded online, it does not mean that this data is available for secondary or tertiary use. However, with the rise of AI technology, our digital content is often used without our consent for training AI models. This practice raises significant concerns about privacy, control, and the ethical use of our personal data.

In today's digital age, our lives are increasingly documented through photos and videos shared online. From personal milestones to professional achievements, these moments are precious and private. However, with the rise of AI technology, our digital content is often used without our consent for training AI models. This practice raises significant concerns about privacy, control, and the ethical use of our personal data.

The Illusion of Control

Many platforms claim to offer opt-out options for AI training, but the reality is far more complex. Once your content is uploaded, it is nearly impossible to verify whether your opt-out request has been honored. The lack of transparency and accountability from big tech companies means your images and videos might still be used without your consent. This uncertainty underscores the need for a reliable and transparent solution to protect our digital rights.

The Facade of Opt-Out Options

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, presents an illusion of control with its opt-out options. In theory, these options are designed to allow users to prevent their data from being used for AI training. However, the process is anything but straightforward. Users are often sent in a loop, navigating through multiple pages and obscure settings to find the opt-out option. Even when they manage to locate it, they are typically required to manually submit a form, without any assurance that their request will be respected.

This lack of clarity and transparency is frustrating for users who want to protect their privacy. After going through the arduous process of opting out, users are left in the dark about whether their data is still being used. There is no way to verify if Meta has honored their request, leaving users with a false sense of security.

The Ramifications of Giving Up Your Data

The consequences of allowing your data, images, and videos to be used without your explicit permission are far-reaching. When you give up control over your digital content, you risk:

  1. Privacy Violations: Personal moments and sensitive information can be exposed and misused.

  2. Loss of Control: Your images and videos could be altered, repurposed, or misinterpreted, affecting your personal and professional reputation.

  3. Ethical Concerns: Your content could contribute to AI models that are used in ways you do not support or approve of.

  4. Data Exploitation: Your data can be sold or shared with third parties without your knowledge or benefit.

The Need for a Third-Party Solution

Given these risks, it is essential to have a third-party application like Overlai that provides a robust and reliable way to opt out of AI model training. Overlai offers a decentralized application that ensures your digital content remains under your control. By leveraging blockchain technology, Overlai provides a transparent and immutable record of your opt-out status, giving you peace of mind that your wishes are being respected.

Why Overlai?

Overlai is at the forefront of responsible AI, providing a universal opt-out solution that protects your digital rights. Here’s why Overlai is crucial:

  • Transparency: With Overlai, you can verify whether your opt-out request has been honored.

  • Control: Maintain control over your personal data, ensuring it is not used without your consent.

  • Security: Overlai's decentralized technology ensures that your opt-out status cannot be altered or ignored by big tech companies.

  • Ethical AI: Support the development of ethically trained AI models that respect the rights and privacy of individuals.

The Overlai Advantage

Overlai’s approach is simple and effective. It’s a one-click solution that operates on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Before you upload anything online, Overlai it. This process is user-friendly and transparent, eliminating the frustration and uncertainty associated with traditional opt-out methods. Overlai leverages blockchain technology to provide an immutable record of your opt-out status, ensuring that your wishes are respected and your content is protected.

Voices from the Founders

Luke Neumann, CEO and co-founder of Overlai, shares his perspective: "As a filmmaker and content creator, I understand the importance of maintaining control over my work. It’s not just about protecting my professional content; it’s about safeguarding personal moments and memories that are invaluable. Overlai is our solution to ensure that creators, parents, and anyone sharing their lives online have a say in how their data is used."

Chase Teron, CMO and co-founder of Overlai, adds: "I’ve spent my career capturing the beauty of our world and teaching others to do the same. The idea that these images could be used without consent is deeply troubling. Overlai is about giving power back to the creators, ensuring that our work is respected and used ethically. It’s a tool for anyone who values their digital privacy and wants to take a stand against the misuse of their content."

Our founders, Chase, CMO, Luke, CEO and Alex, CTO are all parents as well as content creators and Overlai is not only protecting the arts, but protecting their families and yours.

Chase adds "It's critically important for parents to exercise caution when sharing images and videos of their children online, especially due to the risks associated with AI scraping. Once uploaded, these media assets can be harvested by AI algorithms without parental consent, potentially compromising privacy and safety. This unauthorized use may extend to commercial exploitation or inclusion in datasets for technologies like facial recognition, undermining parental control over their children's digital presence. Moreover, the long-term consequences of such uploads can result in a persistent digital footprint that parents may find difficult to manage or retract. Ethically, parents bear the responsibility to protect their children's identities and ensure that their images are used only in ways that align with their values and consent."

The Future of Digital Rights

As AI technology continues to evolve, the need for robust and reliable protection of digital content becomes increasingly important. Overlai is leading the charge, providing a solution that empowers users to maintain control over their personal data. By joining the Overlai community, you are taking a stand for your digital rights and supporting the ethical use of AI technology.

In conclusion, to truly protect your photos and videos from being used without your consent for AI model training, you need a third-party solution like Overlai. It’s not just about opting out; it’s about ensuring that your digital rights are respected and your personal data remains under your control. Join the movement to safeguard your digital content and support the ethical use of AI technology.

How to "Opt-Out of Meta's AI model training":

How to "Opt-Out of Facebook's AI model training" & How to "Opt-Out of Instagram's AI model training"

These instructions are basic instructions, but the opt out request is not provable in any sense.

If you engage with chatbots or post content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Threads, or WhatsApp, Meta's updated privacy policy from June 26 allows them to use your data for training generative AI models. Even if you're not a direct user, Meta can scrape public data, including photos posted by others, potentially using them for AI training datasets.

The intersection of AI and internet data scraping is currently a contentious issue. While tech companies argue that public internet data is fair game, they face numerous legal challenges over data use and copyright. Clear regulations are still evolving, leaving users uncertain about their data's use.

Concerned about Meta's perpetual use of your personal data and intellectual property? Consider opting out, though Meta's policy review process may not guarantee acceptance under data protection laws.

In the US and other countries without robust data privacy laws, users have limited options to prevent Meta's data use for AI training, which may already be underway. Meta lacks an opt-out feature for users in these regions, focusing instead on in-platform tools for privacy management, particularly for private messages.

For users in the EU and UK, protected by stringent data protection laws, opting out is more feasible. You can object to data scraping by following these steps:

  1. Facebook: Log in, access the new privacy policy, and navigate to "Learn more about your right to object" or go to "Settings and privacy" > "Privacy center" > "How Meta uses information for generative AI models and features" > "Right to object."

  2. Instagram: Log in, go to "Settings and privacy," click on "More info and support" > "About" > "Privacy policy" > "Learn more about your right to object." Follow similar steps as for Facebook.

Fill out the objection form explaining how Meta's data processing affects you, and confirm your email address. You should receive confirmation of your request shortly after submission.

As AI technology advances, it's crucial for users to understand and assert control over their digital footprint. Overlai offers a straightforward, one-click universal opt-out solution on a decentralized platform, empowering individuals to safeguard their personal and professional content from unintended use in AI training. Before you upload, consider using Overlai to protect your precious moments and intellectual property.

How to "Opt-Out of ChatGPT / Open AI model training"

  1. Go to your profile on the top right

  2. Click on settings

  3. Click on Data controls

  4. Then click off to 'Improve the model for everyone'

  5. Finished

How to opt out of ChatGPT AI Model Training
How to opt out of ChatGPT AI Model Training, first click profile then Settings

How to opt out of ChatGPT AI Model Training
Click on Data Controls within the Settings Section

How to opt out of ChatGPT model training on OpenAi
Uncheck 'Improve model for everyone' to not include your ChatGPT prompts / data ingestion

What's so important to understand here is that we can manually fill out forms, check a box to "opt-out" but there is no way to truly verify whether or not our request will be honoured.

What we aim to do at Overlai is to set up the guardrails for responsible AI. We can't stop it, but we can definitely create a movement with our universal opt out for those who understand what's at risk.

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